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Our Philosophy

It's not the best person that wins, but the best trained person.  Therefore at Basildon and Phoenix Swimming Club we aim to offer quality, safe, effective, and appropriate coaching according to individual swimmers needs.

Our Swimmers will be encouraged at all times to train to the best of their ability.

A swimmer’s career may be short or long, but during their time spent with us, we will ensure that each swimmer is a valued member of the club.

During any time spent in the Academy lanes the progress of all the swimmers will be monitored, tracked, and recorded.  All swimmers will have clearly defined paths along with our vision, aims and targets, to encourage and enable an individual to make the most of their potential in line with the A.S.A.'s long term athlete development programme

Our Vision

Each swimmer is an individual, and a valued member of the BPSC swim academy.  We will offer the best training possible tailored to meet the individual development  level of the swimmer and to enable them to reach their maximum potential.

Our Aim

We will try to ensure that all swimmers in the BPSC academy will experience the atmosphere of a competitive club where they will have planned sessions with clearly defined targets for progression.


Upon entry to the club, each swimmer is assessed by a senior member of the coaching staff and if suitable, according to age and skill level, is offered 2 free trial sessions in a lane and group that we hope will best suit their current ability and skill level. Each Academy group is identified by their own colour of hats.  Progression through the groups is clear to see and swimmers can also see the level of swimmers in the group above.

Long Term Athlete Development Programme (LTAD)

We work in accordance with the A.S.A. LTAD guidelines.  We encourage an atmosphere of competitive spirit, offering progression through increased skills, time trials, distance awards, competitive dive awards and structured criteria of work within each group.


Green Hats:  This is our first point of entry. Swimmers will learn basic techniques for competitive swimming through a structured progression of stoke drills for each of the strokes of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and front crawl. Targets can also include increased stamina and an understanding of starts and turns.

Yellow Bronze:  Stroke development and the introduction of correct breathing techniques to each of the 4 strokes, and the understanding of the pre-pool exercise protocol for preparation prior to swimming. Targets include correct and legal turns on all strokes (and IM) and an understanding of the Preliminary competitive start award.

Yellow Silver:  Swimmers in this group are consolidating their knowledge and development of skills such as underwater phases on turns, as well as more progression on stroke drills. Targets also include legal turns and working towards gaining the Preliminary Competitive Start Award.

Yellow Gold:  The emphasis for the swimmer is now on effort in their training session whist continuing to focus on skills and technique.  Targets include an increase in the distance covered in sessions with correct breathing and legal turns being demonstrated on a consistent basis.

Red Silver:   Swimmers are now expected to increase the distance swam in a session, maintain skills and technique and have a good understanding of a warm-up and swim down protocol.  Demonstrating a good understanding of drills, along with stroke counting are targets in the group.  Targets also include performing a swim set off a given time interval.

Red Gold:   Swimmers will now be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of I.M's and carry out all strokes with good technique and legal turns.  Targets include achieving the Preliminary Competitive Start Award and demonstrate their ability of swimming a timed swim for 15 minutes (T15) without stopping.  

Blue Silver:  Swimmers are now is expected to perform a pre-pool and swim session warm up without verbal instruction. A typical session may include kick sets and sets off a given time.  Targets also include achieving a distance swim in a given time and a Bronze A.S.A. speed award.

Blue Gold:  Swimmer are now expected to follow written instruction and have a good understanding of what is required of them in training sessions  including rest intervals.  Heart rate checking is introduced along with other targets such as consistency in swim times and kicking repetitions, acceleration in speed and pace control. Swimmers will also be working towards achieving 2 A.S.A. Bronze speed awards.

White/Orange:   Swimmers have now progressed through our coloured hat system into the top level of the BPSC Academy and are now preparing for increased training commitment. They are now expected to follow a written format in training sessions. Swimmers are expected to demonstrate an ability to follow progressive drills in all strokes with good skill level and have increase in distance covered in the sessions and at a faster level of speed.  Targets include a distance timed swim and to achieve other  A.S.A. Bronze speed awards.

Obviously to go into detail for all the criteria for each coloured hat level would be very lengthy and an end of term report which goes into much more detail about your child's individual progress has been introduced.  The report will also identify what is needed to advance  to the next level in the same coloured hat, the level above or to an Orange hat squad.

Please if you have any questions on the academy structure, do not hesitate to go to the club desk on a Monday or Friday in the galleries or contact our squad liaison point via email.  

Academy Squads

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